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“Ms. Andrist shapes the music with subtle dynamic touches,
creates dramatic moments and plays with wonderful fluency and poise.”

— montreal gazette

Robert Schumann. Carnaval \ Phantasie Audrey Andrist, piano . Centaur Records

Gumbo (music for clarinet and piano with Rob Patterson)
Awarded "Best Classical Recording of 2012" by the Washington Area Music Association

New Paths (chamber music by Lawrence Moss) Innova Recordings

Camille Saint-Saëns (chamber music). Summit Records

Influence (music by Robert Gibson). New Dynamic Records
Suddenly It’s Evening (music by Donald Erb). CRI
Riddles (music by Robert Maggio). CRI
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (music by David Jaffe).
Well-Tempered Productions
Strata (music by various composers). Arizona University Recordings
Alchemy (American chamber music for oboe and English horn). Albany Records
The Great Square of Pegasus (music by Andrew Paul MacDonald). Centredisques
Spontaneous Lines (American music for clarinet and piano). Albany Records
Sturm (music by Adam Silverman). New Focus Recordings
The Watchman Fantasy (music by Donald Erb). Albany Records
Chamber Music by Igor Korneitchouk. Centaur Records
Society of Composers, Inc. (“Inner Visions”). Capstone Records
Fast & Odd – New-Balkan Jazz and Concert Music (music by David Evan Jones).
Centaur Records
Available on DVD:
Strata: The Many Layers of Strata
(non-commercial release, available through Audrey Andrist)